Aloha Rag SS11: The M-65 Jacket

Aloha Rag's men's and women's military jackets are inspired by the M 1965 US Military Jacket, better known as M-65. The M-65 Field Jacket was widely used by U.S Forces during the Vietnam War to keep a soldier warm during the cool weather conditions after the Monsoon rains in Vietnam. All hard wear in the front is covered, originally done to not to make a sound in serious war front conditions. Since the jackets strong material and practical function are suitable for modern fashion, the M-65 is one of the most replicated military item in fashion.


SS2011 M-65

M65    M65ladies     This season, the updated M-65 is stylized with our signature details like the leather flag tags and colorful Swiss made RiRi zippers to bring more playful feeling to the classic jacket. Yet, the jacket is still loyal to the original features include heavy duty stitching, elbow pleats, a concealed nylon hood, and 4 snap closure pockets. The overall fit is slightly more tailored while still allowing for great ease and range of movement, particularly in the shoulders and sleeves.


M65-vestAlso this season, we are excited to present our first M-65 jacket designed specifically for women, seen above with the pink accents! Aloha Rag translated the traditional cut to a more feminine silhouette by sizing down and narrowing the shoulder. This same cut is also available this season in a vest, seen to the right. Keeping the classic design of original M-65, the vest is full of traditional details like the inner drawstring on the waist; and the cut-off raw edge sleeve has epaulets that allow it to be rolled up. the piece is finished with Aloha Rags signature pony hair flag patch. 


M-65 in Past Seasons Collection

Aloha Rag's has had an M-65 in the collection since it's inception. The aim is create a refined military look with modern fit with a high emphasis on  tailoring techniques. The  M-65 has become one of the staples of our house label and will continue every season with slightly update materials and details. A couple of months back we collaborated with Swarovski to create a luxury version of our M-65 for there Swarovski Elements project. It is a special piece that we haven't really talked about till now, but if you are interested, we still have a few, and you can even customize it to an extent. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

AFSS10 M65black M65plaid SWARro
Speaking of Swarovski, we made a short video to show M-65 jacket in motion! Please check the video below and enjoy the sparkle of hundreds of Swarovskis...


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