Aloha Rag's House Label is coming to the online store!!!


Starting on June 30th the Aloha Rag House Label will be available online for the first time! Aloha Rag owner Tatsugo Yoda has been working unbelievably hard designing this collection over the last year. The collection is compiled of basics which compliment the brands we carry while offering the quality standard you expect from a garment in Aloha Rag's stock. From cut and sew t-shirts, soft chambray oxfords, and fine leather moto-jackets for Men to Kimono cut tops, zip sided modular A frame button-ups, and flowy military jackets for Women. He even collaborated with beloved designer (and long time Aloha Rag customer) Thakoon to create the perfect cardigan, which just happens to be Thakoon's first men's piece ever! All this now just a click away...

Also, to aid the launch we got a together with a few of our favorite new models and shot a couple looks. Here is a little behind the scenes video for your enjoyment!


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