Cacharel on Refinery 29...

Just a quick little shout out on Refinery 29 today.
Check it out here!

Also just to let you know that all the Cacharel x Liberty accessories we have are exclusive to us and us only.

Get them while you can...

A_48 A_46 A_49


Mannequin watch 04.25.09


On the Woman:

5+1 Anna Purna V-neck cardigan White

Cacharel x Liberty floral dress

Giuseppe Zanotti Design cork platform heels

Cacharel x Liberty floral belt
Florian 3 Bead Necklace.

On the Man:

Kitsune Nantucket Jacket

G.H.M. (Garment House Mania) Green Polo

Jil Sander Miro Jeans Indigo

Common Projects Safari Boot in Tan (canvas)

Most of the pieces featured are not available online. Please call or email us with any questions. mobilephone 212.925.0882 pc 505@aloharag.com.


Taylor Momsen for Aloha Rag...


Well, Kinda... Nylon just did an amazing shoot with Taylor Momsen of Gossip Girl fame. The stylist, Michelle Reneau, pulled a couple things from our store to shoot and these Thomas Wylde Boots, and these Balmain Heels made it to print. Check the rest of the shoot here. Also go pick up the physical copy at your local newsstand because Nylon is a rad magazine.


A1 A_2

Blooming from Cacharel


Thank you all for the wait!
Finally Cacharel's 50th Anniversary special collaboration Cacharel x Liberty has arrived at ALOHA RAG and ALOHA RAG New York.

They are super cute with vivid colors, prints and different styles. They have designed dresses, camisoles, shirts, short pants along with hair accessories! In addition belts and bags... welcome to the Cacharel world!

We've started to sell Cacharel in our Honolulu HawaII store and they are blooming like a flower field in the spring tuliptuliptulip

Cacharel x Liberty's dress is a MUST HAVE item this summer. Enjoy a romantic season with your Cacharel dressheart04


to Hawaii

I haven't left New York for so long this time. It's finally my chance to go back to Hawai!!
R1068058 R1068059 R1068081 R1068083

Sending you a few stories just before I go to Hawaii.... I found very handsome motorcycle yesterday. The shape, balance... everything was perfect! I went to a restaurant called "TON TON" in the West Village. They are very famous for their pigs feet dishes. I have never had pigs feet, but they are so good! I ate so much and took natural collagen from their authentic Japanese soul food. It's always nice to try some new things in my life!!!

(bet. Bleecker St. &7th Ave. )

PHONE : (212) 242-3699
email: info@tontonnyc.com web site: tonton.com


I HEART Iosselliani...


A while back I posted a blog about receiving my first Iosselliani ring that I had been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for. It was this gold stackable ring. Every since then I have been in love with them. I also posted a blog when I was honored with the presence of the actual Designer himself, Paolo Giacomelli and his New York Rep, Susanne Rehnstrom. Ever since meeting them I have been receiving occasional emails from Susanne with little snipets of Press that they get. Here are a few:

Instyleapril09iosselliani_2 Instyleapril09iosselliani02_2 Instylemay09iosselliani_2 Teen_vogueapr_09iosselliani02_3

I enjoy all of their designs, but I am especially fond of their stackable rings. I don't wear much jewelry, but their rings are definitely the perfect accessory to any outfit, dressy or casual. –Ren Chang

We carry their Gold collection on our website and in our Hawaii store. They may be available for viewing here at the New York store, if requested. Please email or call us with any questions. phoneto 212.925 0882. pc 505@aloharag.com.

Mannequin Watch 4.21.09


On the Woman:

Jasmine Di Milo Merino Wool Jacket

Aula Aila Floral Print Dress in Blue (also available in Brown)

Giuseppe Zanotti Python heels

Florian Red Leather Necklace and Red Crystal Necklace.

On the Man:

Tim Hamilton Paulet Grey Stripe shirt.

WJK black/grey S/S tee


Martin Margiela Confetti Sneaker Black/White

* Some items listed are not available online. Please feel free to call us at the New York store with any questions. 212.925.0882. 505@aloharag.com.


ARNY on Stylecaster.com


Stylecaster.com is a new type of fashion website. It some how personalizes you experience while your on there site, leading to discoveries you will love. It is about to go live, so pre register now! Mr. Yoda recently sat down to talk with Jessica Pallay Stylecaster.com about a number of things. Here is the product of that conversation. Enjoy!

my 2 NEW nephews....



My younger sister, Jade and her boyfriend just adopted these 2 ADORABLE things here. The orange and white ones name is Russell and the grey and white one is Shaka. They are just 4 weeks old, and the most adorable things ever! I have visited with them 2 times so far, and last night, Shaka was so into me. I think that is going to Aunties favorite. My sister takes a favoring over Russell, and I take Shaka, so it works out. It's great that she adopted 2 of them so they could play with each other. They are actual brothers too, from the same litter, but Shaka is kinda the runt of the gang, so he is a bit smaller. I think that's why I like him. Here are a few more pictures of them... –Ren Chang



That last post just reminded me...

...of this great line from a Stevie Nicks song.

And the Summer became the Fall
I was not ready for the Winter
It makes no difference at all
Cause I wear boots all summer long

shine Sooooooooo Good shine

Two things...

We just got the Luis Morais Multi-Color Glass Beads w/ Gold Skull Bracelet back in stock. They sold very very fast last time so don't miss out!

Also for the first time Golden Goose has made a Combat Boot!!! This company has already reached cult status with their Western and Cowboy boots but are really stepping it up on this pair. The boot comes in a Black Leather which is distressed in the usual Golden Goose style. They are not as wide as other popular Combat Boots, so they look much more styled and fashionable, but they still have the amazingly comfortable sole. Also, the lace line is finished with a zipper half which adds a touch of (tarnished) sparkle to the overall aesthetic of the boot. Golden Goose proves again why they are a very innovative brand who keep making the most basic of articles better with well executed detailing.

We will be receiving more styles of Golden Goose Shoes and Sneakers very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!eye

One year Anniversary

ALOHA RAG New York had our one year anniversary last week! Thank you very much for your supporting us all year!!!!!


And.... This is our sweet anniversary cake!

I have been busy picking items for 09FW collections. It's almost spring here in New York, but... the weather is very strange. Spring yesterday, and back to winter today... I am so tired of wearing my winter clothes, so I layer my spring outfit on top of it! I purchased many spring and summer wardrobe already. My wallet is.... like cold winter, but I'm looking forward to wearing them all very soon!

By the way, I have my new thing, Finding Great Restaurants recently. Once a week I'll visit different restaurants that I have never been to, to find one of the greatest restaurant here.

I visited "Wallse" an Austria restaurant that located in West Village. I heard about them from my friend before, and I wanted to visit there. I always get a bit nervous when I visit new restaurants, but no worry for Wallse. A smiling maitre'd welcomed me and took me to the table smoothly even though it was packed with many customers. I don't know about Austria cuisine much, so I took the waiter's recommendations. Foie Gras paste with homemade jelly as an hours d'oeuvre. I am not a big fan of Foue Gras before, so I didn't know that it was very special to have it as a paste. The taste was totally like in Heaven. And then, I had a giant mushroom with gnocchi cream sauce. It was an amazing combination of taste with their selected herb. And more... I had one of my favorite dishes, veal cutlet as a main dish. It was so delicious and I was too sad to finish the last piece of cutlet on my plate.... I'll be addicted to Wallse... well... to be continued my new thing, Finding Great Restaurants.

R1068012 R1068010 R1068019 R1068017


344 W 11th St # 1
New York, NY 10014, United States
+1 212-352-2300


Sometimes it's good to get away...


I was invited by a friend to a gathering at his home in upstate New York. The weather and city have been coming on strong recently, and sometimes you forget that a simple 2 hour car or train ride can take you a whole other world. I meet up with a couple other invitees after work. We assembled the caravan and after a few short a hours of travel, arrived late at night to his country home. The sound of silence is an amazing thing. Also living in New York City you get use to having light around at all hours of the night, but up there no such luxury is afforded. We said our hellos to him and his family, hung out, poked around his stuff collection, and eventually left for another friends house to stay the night. We pulled in to where we were staying and as I got out of the car the noise of rushing water filled the air. It seemed to be a huge and very close. Some night time tea and fresh sheets and we were of to dream land.

P1050437 P1050448_2

I woke up relaxed and stepped outside with a cup of coffee into the fresh country air. It seemed the rushing water that I could hear but not see was steps away from where we parked the car. I was seriously taken back by how dark it was for me to be unable to see this waterfall and pool only steps away the night before. Our gracious host gave us a quick tour of the immediate property. There was a working mill with logging, and cider pressing capabilities, the aforementioned waterfall, a dam to power the hydro electric generator that the mill and home run off of, and there was even a tree house. Now I grew up in the nature of Hawaii, but the country of the continental US is a different type. It felt so brand new and I was flush with excitement. We gathered the troops and had a simple breakfast, then were off to the house from the previous night.

P1050538 P1050537
P1050543_2 P1050555

We arrived to a house full of guests and a large tent in the backyard. The weather was amazing! After introductions and snacks we started wondering around the property. And when I say wondering I mean hours of exploration in the woods and fields adjacent to the house. We spent a good 5 hours skipping stones in the river a mile away and climbing trees on route. Deer and cotton tail Rabbits popped up along our path and did I mention the weather? We fell back towards the house every once in awhile to snack on something and nap on the grass or trampoline in the Sun. And so the day's routine went on.


P1050591_2 P1050578_2 P1050588_2

After a long day of play, we returned to where we were sleeping and built a fire. We brought out blankets and laid on the mill roof listening to the water rush by and harmonizing songs while watching for shooting stars. It was a full moon and quite lit up so we went for a walk in the woods. Fun, but scary as hell. My camera had died hours before so no photos, but I will tell you it was one of the funnest times I have had in New York. And that is the fact at hand, it was in New York! If this place ever gets to you jump on a train and just go...buildingruntrainsuntulip

Mannequin Watch 04.12.09


On the Woman...

Neck: Florian Bronze/Silver Triple Stand Necklace*

Body: Ylang Ylang Light Blue Denim Mini Dress*

Feet: Martin Margiela Light Blue Platform Sandal

On the Man...

Outer: Neil Barrett Gray Zip-up Blouson*

Inner: Golden Goose Black 7 Screen logo Shirt

Bottom: Neil Barrett White Denim Short Pants*

Feet: Martin Margiela Blue Replica Mid-Top Sneakers

*Some items we carry are either only available in store or have not been uploaded to the website yet. If you have questions or inquiries on anything pictured above, please feel free to contact us. phoneto 212.925.0882 loveletter 505@aloharag.com




Fader Magazine's website blog has been doing a monthly feature called "Staff Affections" written by a friend of mine, and amazing writer, Erin Hansen. We have joked many a time about what an unfortunate title that is...but they went with it anyway. The blog is similar to my "Staff Obsessions" posts that I put up on this blog from time to time (it's been a while, I'm gonna get on that right away). She contacts various boutiques to see what the staff members are loving at the moment. She has asked me to contribute to the blog 3 times so far, and it's been great for me to be able to show everyone what's new and what my current obsessions are. Check out Fader.com for other fashion and music stories. They are always on top of the newish ish. –Ren Chang

Here are my affections:





FREE CITY arrived at ALOHA RAG now!bell

FREE CITY is a SUPER BRAND from Hollywood. They are well known with their Peace Dove logo. Not only their clothing line, but their music and art work has also attracted many celebrities. They have many fans in Japan also!

The selected materials are so soft on your skin and their vivid colors bring a smile on your face. Their casual line including hoodies and sweat pants are sophisticated designs, perfect lounge wear for adults. The sizes are unisex.

Currently, we carry FREE CITY in our Honolulu store only. If you have any questions, please contact love@aloharag.com anytimeloveletter


owns and desires...

I just bought a few items from the store in the past week. Spring time is approaching, and whenever seasons change, it always draws me to shop! Every new season deserves a new look,..right?

Here are some things I have bought, and a few I desire in the coming months....


Inside out tank.


Giusseppe Zanotti heels.


Current/Elliott denim shorts.



Martin Margiela flat sandals.


Beautiful People Navy Spring Blazer.


Repetto "Mirror" lace up flats.


There will definitely be an update if and when I do purchase any or all of the listed desires. I want too many things. –Ren Chang

Mannequin Watch 04.04.09


On the Woman...

Outer: Beautiful People Blazer Black

Top: Alexander Wang pocket tank pink

Bottom: Current/ Elliott denim shorts

Shoes: Repetto silver lace up flats (soon to be on the website)

Accessories: Henrik Vibskov sunglasses

On the Man...

Outer: WJK collar shirt pink

Top: WJK Short Sleeve t-shirt grey

Bottom: Henkrik Vibskov Smiley Shorts

Shoes: YMC Suede Sand Boot Light Grey

*Not all items are available on our website. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. 212.925.0882 505@aloharag.com* telephone


Changing it up...


I just thought I would do a little post about our new shoe display for all to see. (Not just the people who walk into the store). I was off yesterday, but apparently a lot happened while I was away. The men of the shop worked on rearranging our men's and women's shoes to give them more life, outside of the cubbies they were used to. We moved the men's shoes to the window display, which allowed the women's shoes to fill up the shoe display. I just thought it was very pretty, so I took a picture to show it off! –Ren Chang